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Castle Keep

by King Crabapple

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Heater 04:36
New heart begins to pulse the adrenaline pumps into the fresh vein walls Blood cells forced to retract an overwhelming thought pushed from the front to the back Make these lungs believe you can withstand another lap with water at your fucking knees Is it muscle memory or, an undivided constant living in-between these silent dreams Captain of the nautical audible, brain strapped with the energy needed to create the follicles. Where the visions like to spew out, Im overwhelming these untrained ears and untrained mouths Bringing the havoc, never to sleep never to creep, always pushing the limits of the cubical that peaks. Getting slivers in my palm quick, Im breaking lead based tips, finish the verse with my blood drip Independent source, independently creating connections, leaving half breeds with gig sores. I stomp my own turf and make the ground shake. Momentum built so you light the fuse, Sit back these kids will be amused Ya rappin nothing your spittinn Ya never truth , its fiction Ya never flow , its written Another copy cat gimmick Another product of boredom Another look at my jordans Another wanna be stardom, ILL FUCKING MURDER THEM! Dope shit is what i will call this. Think your dope, nope your just dosed kid Adolescent to the truth yes you'll get frost bit Im out cold with a chip on my shoulder gotta prove to these cats the north is much bolder Making impressions with my glove when you fly by i don't even gotta wave to you to say hi Ice age, earth warming did it for me now im sitting on a beach no sharks just breeze. Cut out from histories jagged knife i got my piece of the pie i suggest you get a slice Instead of always trying to look cool why don't you freestyle instead of spitting what you wrote fool. Dopeshit is what I will call this. Dare you to turn me on, Dare you to turn me, t-turn me, Dare you to turn me on. Call it natural selection, Im reflection every weak mind in my path kid Got y'all punks locked in a stranglehold bark collar on so don't go towards the road Might get shocked with the reality the road is my shell this life is my sea Outside from where the rest are tied down now im making my own beats, making my own sounds Where the fuck was your contribution to music, the old school used to start up the movements. Now you rock that we all sound the same, Talib and Ace would be ashamed of what you have done with your time. Dare you to turn me on, Dare you to turn me, t-turn me, Dare you to turn me on. Flung by the seat of my pants in a shotgun romance Take heed in my words been known to throw a few curves Dare you to turn me on, writhing and needing, take me, take me, ooh baby, ooh baby Forget what you know Come on and ride with it Cover my body Savor every bit of this with my skin on your skin where do I start where do you begin And I'm gripping you into me
BCGYP 05:17
Muffins 04:39
The Shell 04:31


King Crabapple's 2nd album, an EP. It's brief and fierce like elevator sex.


released March 23, 2013

Recorded & Produced by Dr. Krunkstable at MUXREC
All songs written and performed by King Crabapple

Art by Ivan Bilibin
Layout by Shredd Spread

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King Crabapple Muskegon, Michigan

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